use and abuse of drugs

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AQA biology 1

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use and abuse of drugs
  1. types of drugs
    1. medical
      1. paracetamol
        1. antibiotics
          1. morphine
          2. recreational
            1. legal
              1. caffeine
                1. alcohol
                2. illegal
                  1. heroin
                    1. cocaine
                  2. performance enhancing


                    • these improve a persons performance in sport
                    1. anabolic steroids


                      • increases muscle size
                      1. stimulants


                        • increases heart
                    2. drug testing
                      1. 1
                        1. Drugs are tested on human cells and tissues
                          1. However you cannot use human cells and tissues to test drugs that affect multiple body systems or the whole body system (blood)
                          2. 2
                            1. The next stage is to test it on live animals ...
                              1. to see whether the drug works
                                1. to see how harmful the drug is
                                  1. and to see what the best dosage is
                                    1. there is a law that says you must test a new drug on 2 different live animals


                                      • there is then the debate about the cruelty on animal testing and the fact its for the greater good of humans 
                                    2. 3
                                      1. if the the drug passes the animal testings its then tested on humans in clinical trials
                                        1. optimum dose
                                          1. dose of drug that is most effective and has the least side effects
                                          2. next the optimum dose is found and the drug is given to healthy patients to see if it has any harmful side effects
                                            1. next, to test if the drug actually work, patients are put in two groups. One group is given the actual new drug and the other is given a placebo effect drug
                                              1. then the drug is sold commercially to help people in need
                                                1. most of the clinical trials are blind trials (with the placebo drug) where the patient doesn't know
                                                  1. a double blind trial is where the doctor doesn't know either
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