Sales cloud certified consultant

Saulo Oliveira
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Saulo Oliveira
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High Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant certification Mind Map on Sales cloud certified consultant, created by Saulo Oliveira on 06/02/2015.

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Sales cloud certified consultant
  1. Sales Cloud Solution Desing (25%)
    1. Describe the appropriate uses cases for Account and Opportunity Teams and the effect on sales roles, visibility, access, and reporting.
    2. Opportunity Management (15%)
      1. Account and Contact Management (12%)
        1. Explain ho the ownership of account and contact records drive visibility of related sales information such as opportunities, activities, etc.
          1. Explain the various methods for establishing relationships between accounts and contacts
            1. Explain the impact of having an account hierarchy
              1. Explain the methods for populating and maintaining account and contact data using data enrichment tools
              2. Sales Productivity (12%)
                1. Integration and Data Management (8%)
                  1. Marketing and Leads (7%)
                    1. Implementation Strategies (6%)
                      1. Industry Knowledge (5%)
                        1. Communities and Site Management (5%)
                          1. Sales Cloud Analytics (5%)
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