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1 key words
1.1 Mass tourism:-a lot of people go to the same resort region at the same time of year
1.2 Tourism:-an activity where a person volunteraly goes to a place away from home and stays there at least one night
1.3 domestic tourim:-when someone visits a place in their own country
2 increase in tourism
2.1 more paid holidays- people have more time and money to go on holiday
2.2 higher salaries and more disposable income-more spare cash than they used too
2.3 cheaper travel-more affordable
2.4 holiday providers-companies use internet to sell products directly to people which makes it cheaper
2.5 increase life expectancy- more older people retire then migrate
2.6 purpose built resorts- more are being built that are not dependant on the weather
3 popular attractions
3.1 cities- they contain resturants, bars, theatres, museums and good night life
3.1.1 Las Vegas, London, New York, Venice
3.2 coastal areas- beaches for sun bathing, sea for water sports, attractive environment for walking and sight seeing
3.2.1 Thailand, spain, caribean
3.3 Mountain areas- spectacular views for walking and scenery, also many actiities like rock climbing, skiing, walking and white water rafting
3.3.1 Alps,himalayas
4 importance of tourism
4.2 creates jobs for local people
4.2.1 reasturants and hotels
4.3 increase income of buisnesses that suply tourisn
4.3.1 farms that supply food
4.4 poor countries tend to be more dependant on tourist than rich ones
4.4.1 tourism contributes 3% uks GNP and 15% of kenyas GNP- money produced in one year
5 Life cycle model
5.1 EXPLORATION- small numbers of people are attracted to an area by the scenery or culture. there arent many tourist facilities
5.2 INVOLVEMENT-local people start providing faacilities for torists. this attracts more tourist
5.3 DEVELOPMENT-tourist facilities and accomidation is built=number of visitors increases. the control of tourism usually passes from locals to large companies
5.4 STAGNATION-visitor numbers have peaked. facilities are no longer as good. tourists have had a negative impact on thee environment which has made it less fasionable
5.5 REJUVENATION- invesment, advertising, new facilities attracts new tourists
5.6 CONSOLIDATION-tourists facilities and hotels support large numbers of tourists. still part of local economy but numbers are beginnig to level off
5.7 DECLINE- fewer visitors come to an area as it is less attractive = causes it to become shut or run down. tourists seek new, unspoilt,exciting destinations