Development DIlemmas

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Why is it not accurate to measure a country's development as a whole? Because it doesn't show any difference or extremes
Define the core region Based on the urban area, has the majority of the services, businesses and people
Define the periphery It is rural, it is remote countryside involved in producing raw materials and it's poor
Define Corruption Perception Index It ranks countries/territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be
According to the C.P.I, what are the 4 best places to live? Sweden, Finland, Norway and New Zealand
According to the C.P.I, where are 2 of the worst places to live? Sudan and Chad
Define the Democracy Index An index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (private business) that measures the state of democracy in 167 countries
What is the development gap? The widening difference in development levels between MEDCs and LEDCs
Define MEDC Countries with high levels of economic and social development
Define LEDC Countries with low levels of economic and social development
What is the order of the stages in the Rostow model? The traditional society, the pre-conditions for take off, take off, the drive to maturity, the age of high-mass consumption
What happens in 'the traditional society' stage? Subsistence economy based mainly on farming-insufficient technology to process raw materials or develop services
What happens in 'the pre-conditions for take off' stage? Needs external help to get to this stage...primary activities developed...improvements: GNP, technology, industry, transport
What happens in 'take off' stage? Capital can process raw materials...increasing investment in transport, agriculture and services...improved GNP
What happens in 'the drive to maturity' stage? Economic growth throughout...complex transport system...urbanisation and improved GNP
What happens in 'the age of high-mass consumption' stage? Rapid expansion of service industries...decline in manufacturing
What are the four parts of the cycle of poverty? Subsistence agriculture ---> little/no surplus farm produce --> little/no income --> no investment in land improvement/machinery/materials --> (back to start)
How much of global goods and services does the core have and how much does the periphery have? Core - 80% Periphery - 20%
Which out of the core and periphery have the most influence on the global economy and makes the most global investments? Core
What is the dependency theory? Core countries rely on the periphery for resources & periphery countries rely on core for money
What is the multiplier effect (in stages)? Growth of industry -> demand for workers etc -> people move there ->need food -> shops open, more services needed -> workers needed to build and provide these -> growth continues and settlements and economy expands
5 reasons why a core region develops Growth of industry...people move available...need of services...building housing
3 problems faced by periphery regions Lack of jobs...poverty...low income
What is top-down development? Big schemes and decisions made by the national government/private companies. Local people often don't get involved in the process
What is bottom-up development? Local people are fully involved in the process and decision making and usually intermediate technology is used
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