Health Referral

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after school health referral

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Health Referral
  1. Kid health complaint
    1. Tell Program Leader
      1. LOOK FOR
        1. Physical Injury
          1. Apply First Aide
            1. Write a health referral form. Add a description of what led up to the form
              1. Communicate to S.C. for further follow-up
            2. Call 911 for life threatening
              1. Alert SC immideiately
            3. No Physical Injury
              1. Ask to investigate and use good judgment
                1. Have you been sick? When did it start?
                  1. No
                    1. Monitor
                      1. Give comfort by removing from activity or offering an ice pack. After 15/20 minutes, if student...
                        1. continues to complaint, is not being themselves, face is red, doesn't play/laugh or falls asleep for example....
                          1. Write a health referral form. Add a description of what led up to the form
                            1. Radio S.C. Say: "I have a health referral, what's your location?"
                              1. Get confirmation from SC to send referral with two JR. Helpers
                                1. Use Out of Classroom Log
                                  1. Prepare Sign-Out sheet and Bag
                                    1. SC will radio back with additional follow-up information
                    2. Yes
                      1. Does Mom/Dad know?
                        1. Yes
                          1. Did you go to the nurse today?
                            1. Yes
                              1. Did they call mom?
                                1. No
                                  1. Yes
                                    1. Call parent. State facts only. "Child has been complaining of ___. Said the nurse called you. Can you come get this kid?"
                                2. No
                                  1. Did you tell someone like a teacher?
                                    1. Find out why they didn't go to their teacher for help and remind them to do so next time.
                                      1. Monitor
                              2. No
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