Crime 1

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Crime 1
  1. INTRO
    1. Dependent on time / place / culture
      1. Changing moral / social ideas
        1. Interrelations unearthed between crime and social harm
        2. CONCLUSION
          1. EPZs - corporations abusing power
            1. Asbestos - lobbyist power and influence
              1. Harm shows crime policies influenced by powerful
                1. Trafficking showed harm caused yet victims treated as criminals
                2. HUMAN TRAFFICKING
                  1. Against will, abused, raped -> criminal
                    1. EVA
                      1. Africa - London
                        1. Abused, raped
                          1. Escaped, sent to prison
                            1. Home Office trying to deport
                              1. Multiple rape, abuse, unwillingly in country yet seen as criminal
                              2. TRAFFICKING
                                1. Unwilling
                                  1. No need for border cross
                                    1. Held against wull
                                      1. Abused, raped
                                        1. Lured by false pretences
                                        2. SMUGGLING
                                          1. Payment
                                            1. Border crossed
                                              1. No contact after crossing
                                            2. ASBESTOS
                                              1. 100,000 die a year, 125 million exposed
                                                1. Lobbyists delayed effective regulation for 60 years
                                                  1. View of crime as individual helped this happen
                                                    1. Media and policy makers view of crime as individual
                                                    2. Suppressed damning scientific research, lying to workers, funding own research, cover ups
                                                    3. EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES
                                                      1. SAIPAN
                                                        1. US island but no US law
                                                          1. Used by brands such as GAP - 'Made in USA' for marketing
                                                            1. Work in 'sweatshop' like conditions but have no labour rights
                                                            2. MALAYSIA
                                                              1. Considered setting up labour union for electronic workers
                                                                1. US electronic firms threatened to relocate so plans scrapped
                                                                2. 43 million workers in 5,000 EPZs
                                                                  1. Areas with minimal or no law to attract big corporations
                                                                    1. Abuse power, cause much harm, not held to account
                                                                      1. No health & safety regulations or labour rights
                                                                      2. THEORISTS
                                                                        1. Quinney - Powerful translate their wants and interests into criminal policy
                                                                          1. Salmi - Violence narrowly equated to murder / war but means psychological / physical integrity threatened
                                                                            1. Law has narrow focus on street crime
                                                                            2. Crimes of the past in UK no longer crimes here but may be elsewhere eg homosexual acts, punishable by death elsewhere in extermist response
                                                                              1. Hillyard & Tombs - many types of harm eg living in poverty / cultural exclusion not central in crime policies
                                                                                1. Michael & Adler - Most precise definition is legal 'prohibited by criminal code'
                                                                                  1. Individualises crime, focus on interpersonal violence not faceless corporate crime
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