Reducing Your EF By Andrew Lee

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Reducing Your EF By Andrew Lee
  1. Transportation
    1. Carpool with friends
      1. Walk or bike when there is the oppurtunity to rather than driving
        1. Going to school
        2. Takes less trips and vacations
          1. On vacations, rather than taking a plane, take a train or bus
          2. Avoid traffic and try not to drive in times of heavy traffic
            1. Use public transit instead of driving in a car
            2. Housing
              1. Use more energy efficient light bulbs
                1. CFL and LED
                2. Turning electronics off completly instead of leaving them on standby where they would waste electricity
                  1. Computers, Setup-boxes, televisions
                  2. Choose more energy efficient cleaning options
                    1. Instead of using a clothes dryer, use drying racks to save energy
                      1. Making sure the washing machine is filled for every wash
                        1. Washing in cold water opposed to hot water
                        2. Take shorter showers and less baths
                          1. Reducing waste
                            1. Recycling and reusing more material
                              1. Start using a compost bin
                            2. Food Choices
                              1. Purchase more local and organics food
                                1. Buy food in season
                                2. When buying, choose food with less packaging
                                  1. Cutting down on eating meat in our meals
                                    1. Reduce food waste
                                      1. Make sure to eat all foods before they spoil
                                        1. Buy foods we will actually eat
                                        2. Eat less processed food
                                          1. Eat less fast food or food from restaurants
                                            1. Buy less bottled water
                                            2. Greening My Community: For my community I think that we need to take advantage of compact building design
                                              1. I think that compact building design would benefit a community because it would allow for more space to be used for more green areas or allow for more land uses. In Richmond Hill currently space isn't that much of a problem but it could become a huge problem in the future like having to cut down more forests or get rid of parks to build on. We could avoid those problems if we were to use compact building design by doing things like building upwards, building town houses and wasting less space between buildings and roads.
                                                1. As an example Richmond Hill does not have as many high rise buildings and has more single detached homes that take up a lot of space but if we were to build up wards like in downtown Toronto a lot of space would be saved. In the community though, many single detached homes are being built and you could see that the residential and commercial areas and spreading and expanding in Richmond hill and the surrounding communities because they are running out of space. Once we start running out of space, we might start cutting down forests, building on farmland or building on green spaces which would affect the sustainability of our community negatively
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