The Plains Indians' and the Great Plains

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Created by hollyweber about 6 years ago
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The Plains Indians' and the Great Plains
1 Who were they?
1.1 Came from the plains of north asia
1.2 Different nations adapted their lifestyle to different enviroments
2 Why did they move to the great plains?
2.1 Horses
2.1.1 By 1680's/90's some Indian nations had horses
2.1.2 Were able to move out on to the Plains and give up farming
2.2 Diseases
2.2.1 Europeans brought new diseases (e.g. cholera and smallpox) to America
2.2.2 Sioux and Cheyenne moved to escape diseases
2.3 Trade
2.3.1 Guns changed the balance of power
2.3.2 Guns in hands of enemies: drove nations on to Plains
3 How teepee solved problems of GP
3.1 Lack of wood
3.1.1 Instead of wood, used buffalo skins
3.1.2 Poles supporting teepee could be used as trava's for moving
3.2 Strong winds
3.2.1 Teeppe= round: wind blow around them Round= "The power of the world works in circles"
3.3 Extreme temperatures
3.3.1 In summer: bottom of teepee could be rolled up
3.3.2 In winter: banked with earth
3.4 The need to move frequently
3.4.1 Could be pack/ unpacked in 10 minutes

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