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  1. Fynbos Habitat
    1. covers small part of SA
      1. includes animals like porcupine, leopards, steenbok, bontebok, baboons and tortoises
      2. has more than any other habitat
        1. about 7500 plant species
          1. includes : proteas,ericas,dasies& vygies
        2. Forest Habitat
          1. found in lots of rain fall.
            1. ferns, yellowood, stinkwood and ironwood
              1. bushpig , bushbuk
                1. knysna lourie.
          2. Grassland Habitat
            1. found in summer rainfall areas
              1. rich in plants
                1. about 3800 plant species
                  1. often destroyed by veld fires
                    1. black wildebeest, eland, blesbok, black korhaan, blue crane and helmeted guinea fowl most found in nature reserves
            2. Nama Karoo
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