Internet Hardware

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A remarkable amazing mindmap of internet hardware by the awesome William and Jimin.

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Internet Hardware
  1. ISP
    1. Campany that provides you with an internet service.
      1. Internet connection
        1. provide you with a softwre package,a username and password.
      2. LAN & WAN
        1. LAN-A network of digital device which is located in a small geographical area.
          1. several device can be connected to a printer.
          2. WAN-A network of digital deice that is connected over a large geogaphical area.
            1. consist of many Lan joined together by router.
              1. More expensive tan LAN
                1. Iternet is the largest WAN
              2. Router & Modem
                1. Modem-A device that provide access to network.
                  1. Modem-When modem connected to router and your device that connect to the router,all device is connected to modem and therefore the internet.
                  2. Router-Allow multiple cmputer to join the same network
                    1. Router-Connecting a device to he router provides a access to LAN.
                      1. Router need to be connected to the modem in order for device on the network to connect to thhe internet.
                  3. Firewall
                    1. A network sercurity that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic.
                      1. A barrier than seperates trusted and untrusted network
                    2. IP Address
                      1. Way to for your computer to communicate with the internet.
                        1. The size of it is 4 byte but they are divided into 4 parts each 8 bitx.
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