Statement of Financial Position

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brief intro of elements in statement of financial position

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Statement of Financial Position
  1. Assets
    1. Non-Current Assets
      1. Fixtures & Fittings
        1. Plant & Machinery
          1. Premises
            1. Office Equipment
            2. Current Assets
              1. Accounts Receivable
                1. Closing Inventory
                  1. Cash In Hand
                    1. Cash At Bank
                      1. Fixed Deposit
                    2. Owner's Equity
                      1. Opening Capital
                        1. Net Profit/Loss
                          1. Drawings
                            1. Closing Capital
                            2. Liabilities
                              1. Non-Current Liabilities
                                1. Mortgagae Loan
                                  1. Bank Loan
                                  2. Current Liabilities
                                    1. Accounts Payable
                                      1. Bank Overdraft
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