Skellig analyse

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Skellig analyse
  1. skellig & Michael relationship
    1. skellig: more social connection & positive-----support , love & care let Skellig has trust, solve his problems of life & death, attitudes changed
      1. Michael: through helping Skellig) his growth, increasing strength lead the importance of love & care risen in M's heart
        1. skellig can cure his baby sis) faith emerges
          1. revealing identity, ask Mina where m was...
      2. Mina & M relationship
        1. Michael: knowing each other) open up himself, learn how to express/overcome challenges, look in diverse perspectives in lives(homeschooling, attitudes towards CHANGING)
          1. the quarrel: hurts them both-- how much their FDship means to them---apologise
            1. Michael transform...
            2. Together help skellig) transferring love & care(noticing)
              1. drawing) skeleton: express himself, opening up
              2. mina gets to know more diverse ppl from diverse background(not just her is unique)***homeschling
              3. M's DREAMS
                1. the baby--blackbird ch.10
                  1. skellig takes the baby from hospital to the backyard an calls M Ch.30
                    1. Dr.Death waiting for the flying baby Ch.22
                  2. Mina & Skellig relationship
                    1. unconditional love & care ; persistence then skellig is willing to be helped
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