German Tenses

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just a little mid map to help you remember tenses in a different veiw point but it helps you memorise

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German Tenses
  1. Present Tense
    1. For most regular verbs in german, remove the -n from the infinitive
    2. Perfect tense
      1. The perfect tense is one of the past tenses in german
        1. To create the perfect tense , use the [resent tense of haben as your first verb
          1. To make the second verb, use the past participle
            1. To create the past participle, add a ge- at the beggining of the infinitive and then remove -en from the ned and add a -t for most regular verbs
            2. Future tense
              1. To create the future tense, add the correct form of werden in the present tense before an infinitive ver
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