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A2 Media Studies, what music do I like...

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My Music
  1. My favourite genres of music are, Pop is favourite genre of music because it can take different forms therefore many songs sounding different and able to take different themes making it relatable for many different reasons. I also sometimes like to listen to Indie rock and Reggae (Well Bob Marley) due to nobody wants to listen to the same genre or artist constantly or they might just die of boredom!
    1. Eliza Doolittle
      1. My favourite album,
        1. I like her becauase her style of music is more about having fun and being individual rather than just like the rest of the crowd. I was first introduced to Doolittle when I was young due to friends knowing her and then I saw her at a festival two years ago and I began catching up on all her songs I'd missed!
          1. Music videos: Your typical 'pop' girl music videos. Making her look attractive and often objectifies herself. However are aesthetically pleasing.
          2. Have I seen her live - Yes in 2014
            1. Webiste:
              1. Ideology: How you deal with experiences not just what has happened to you.
              2. Catfish and the Bottlemen
                1. My favourite album I own: The balcony
                  1. It's a different style to what I would usually listen to and therefore I really enjoy it. Their songs aren't boring and slow but more upbeat. They also like Sheeran are from disadvantaged backgrounds and therefore have lots to say about an unfair world. Again this band I was introduced to by friends who used to play it a lot which got me more and more into it and now I play them too much!
                    1. Music videos: These vary as some include them performing however others are more narrative, but not obvious often you have to think about the lyrics and how they relate.
                    2. Have I seen them live - Unfortunately not :((
                      1. Website:
                        1. Ideology: Making the world/ nations aware of problems in the world especially the 'wealthier' classes, middle class evoking a sense of moral panic and reponsibility. Also that you can get anywhrere with hardwork and determination as they came from hard, working class backgrounds.
                        2. Ed Sheeran
                          1. My favourite album I own: X
                            1. He's more relateable as an artist and his songs vary in theme and therefore make the album more interesting. As an artist I like Ed Sheeran becuase he has come from exeptional circumstances and made it against the odds -from being on the streets. He also as an artist comes across very humble and also original. I first heard about Sheeran through the radio when his fist hit 'A-Team' was constanly being played on a loop.
                              1. Music videos: Sheeran has won awards for his videos showing the quality of them. They are usually intimate to the audience, catching their emotions either due to love or a problem in society like homelessness
                              2. Have I seen him live - Yes in 2013
                                1. Webiste:
                                  1. Ideology: His is more about equality between people and mirroring the social injustices of the world and society we live in. Creating moral panic.
                                  2. Taylor Swift
                                    1. My favourite album I own: Red
                                      1. Although as an artist many of her songs are called 'depressing' I disagree and think it is what you make of them, as art is open to interpretation and music is no execption. I like her songs due to many are relateable (as i'm in her ultimate target audience, a young teenage girl). I can't remember how long I've listened to Swift, I think probably from a young age as I remember my friends playing her to me at the age of 13.
                                        1. Music videos: These usually follow a narrative which is syncronous to the lyrics of the song. Therefore is easy for an audience to relate. Swift's music videos are my favourite music videos because of the narrative they hold making them exciting to watch.
                                        2. Website:
                                          1. Have I seen her live - Yes in 2013
                                            1. Ideology: It deffinetly used to be that of relationship troubles however as her target audience has evolved so has she and her ideology which now I think is more about being free and appreciating life as it is and take whatever comes your way.
                                            2. MAGIC!
                                              1. My favourite album,
                                                1. It's fun, more upbeat, and they make their own music. I like the way they wirte and produce songs for artists, including Iggy and Chris Brown because it shows the intercolaboration and unselfishness of them. I first heard of MAGIC! through listening to them in an airport on the way to Spain throught a music app and since then I've bought more and more of their songs.
                                                  1. Music videos: The first video I watched was 'Rude' by MAGIC! the fact their was a story which we could see happening made the song more effective and this was furthered by the fac the band were part of the story.
                                                  2. Ideology: Originality, to stop the stereotype that little music artitists are actually talented instead get it all premade for them. This group is involved in all of it.
                                                    1. Have I seen them live - Unfortunately not :(
                                                      1. Webiste:
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