Corporate Social Responsibility

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corporate social responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility
  1. businesses and organisations
    1. improve their quality of life.
      1. Growth and responsibility
        1. help children in need across the globe.
      2. In business, reputation is everything
      3. working with
        1. families
          1. the local community
            1. society
              1. family values.
                1. Developing a strategy
                  1. plan into action
                    1. values into action
                    2. alues are what a company stands for
                      1. strategies for corporate social responsibility
                        1. UNICEF's 'Immunisation Plus' programme for children.
                  2. The company
                    1. In over 80 markets and territories worldwide.
                      1. It is a family-owned business
                        1. Amway
                          1. "UNICEF" United Nations Children's Fund.
                            1. Amway's vision
                              1. is to help people live better lives
                            2. global commitment
                              1. Amway and its IBOs
                                1. UNICEF's child survival programme.
                                  1. Malaria is the biggest killer
                                    1. the aid is to
                                      1. children and pregnant mothers.
                                2. "Amway is a family business with family values" ​​
                              2. What does Amway do?
                                1. links with consumers
                                  1. Conduct and Code of Ethics
                                  2. amway programmes
                                    1. children a chance to live a better life
                                      1. Amway
                                        1. builds trust and respect
                                          1. 'Immunisation Plus' programme.
                                            1. contribute over 2 million euros
                                              1. official partner of UNICEF
                                              2. measles vaccines
                                                1. health systems stronger
                                            2. Communicating the strategy
                                              1. the company business objectives.
                                                1. Face-to-face communication
                                                  1. test customers
                                                  2. Fundraising
                                                    1. fundraising to the extent of 500,000 euros
                                                    2. Amway is doing in the field of CSR.
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