How to set a volleyball.

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You set a volleyball by hitting the ball with your finger tips and the force of your legs and arms and don't let the ball rest in your hands.

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How to set a volleyball.
  1. How do you have your hands placed on the ball?
    1. What type of volleyball do you use?
      1. How are you supposed to have your positioning?
        1. Do you have to use both hands?
          1. Do you have to set it a certain way?
            1. Are you in front while setting?
              1. Do you hit it over your head?
                1. When do you set?
                  1. Do you dive while setting the ball?
                    1. Do you set the ball in a game?
                      1. What does setting the ball do?
                        1. When setting the ball it can go forward or backwards.
                        2. Yes you can set a volleyball in a game.
                        3. No because setting is above you head.
                        4. Setting is another form of spiking
                        5. Your arms should be over your head.
                        6. You can be anywhere when setting the volleyball
                        7. You have to hit the ball with your hands
                        8. The ball has to be in both hands
                        9. Have your legs and arms bent.
                        10. You use a regular volleyball
                        11. You have to have the ball on your fiinger tips.
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