Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?_2

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Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  1. Sex Theme
    1. -Sex and infidelity are mostly used as weapons
      1. -Characters commit sexual acts or threaten them as way of gaining power over each other
        1. -These attemps at true intimacy are short lived
          1. -Sex is a tool for battle
            1. The sex life that George and Martha have is almost inexistance. At the beggining of the play George did not even want to kiss her
              1. Nick might want to sleep with Martha because she is the daughter of the university director and he looks forward to rise in the Biology Department.
                1. Honey is portraited as a character who is not very intelligent. That's why she does not realises that Nick and Martha are flirting each other.
                  1. George rejects Martha´s sexual advances because the relationship is devastated. They had been together for a long time and Martha is very insistant, as a consequence, George is tired.
                    1. Martha says in the play that she has a would be infidelities. Probably as she been unfaithful to George with Nicky, she done with many others.
            2. Dissatisfaction Theme
              1. George and Martha
                1. George and Martha's dissatisfaction with each other is clearly reflected by the way and the amount of time they spend fighting. During those fight it's when the reader sees their deepest and harshest feelings from one another.
                  1. Martha is also dissatisfied with herself.
                    1. The fact that she doesn't have a baby torments her so much that she managed to create an imaginary child in order to fullfill her feeling of emptyness
                      1. Martha is probably unhappy because she knows George really did love her and even though all these years have gone by, she was never able to love him back.
                  2. Nick and Honey
                    1. Nick is unhappy due to the fact that honey's hysterical pregnancy has "tied" him to a relationship from which he doesn't seem to like being a part of.
                      1. Nick is also dissatisfied with his current job. The fact that George hasn't been promoted in his whole life makes him believe the same will happen to him, and he'll end up as unhappy and depressed as George now is.
                      2. Can dissatisfaction be a good thing?
                        1. Not during the play, but when people use it as a tool in order to be motivated and improve, it can be helpful.
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                      Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?_1
                      Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
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