Hannibal summary of what to revise

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Timelord Spacemonkey
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A mindmap summarising the topics you need to revise for the Hannibal option of paper 2.

Resource summary

Hannibal summary of what to revise
  1. Events
    1. Prologue
      1. Crossing The Alps
        1. Battles of Trebia and Ticinus
          1. Battle of Trasimene
            1. Battle of Cannae
              1. After Cannae
                1. Battle of Zama
                  1. Epilogue
                  2. Themes
                    1. Strategy
                      1. Weaponry
                        1. Leadership
                        2. Characters
                          1. Hannibal
                            1. Scipio Africanus
                              1. Fabius Maximus
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