Computers & The Science Connections

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This shows how computers relate to every branch of science we have learned and it shows the principles of the branches too.

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Computers & The Science Connections
  1. Earth Science
    1. 8.B.2. Evidence of Change:
      1. Recognize and explain that fossils found in layers of sedimentary rock provide evidence of changing life forms.
        1. Computers change over time, as they change we use the older versions to provide how before and after are different.
          1. Fossils show how animals have changed over time.
      2. Astronomy
        1. 8.D.2. Regular and Predictable Motion:
          1. Identify and explain celestial phenomena using the regular and predictable motion of objects in the solar system
            1. Astronomers use predicting motion to know if an asteroid will hit or if a solar eclipse will happen, this helps us be safe or know things ahead of time
              1. People that create computers usually predict whether problems like crashing or viruses will occur sooner or later, they use these predictable motion to help alert people or fix the situation.
        2. Biology
          1. 8.D.1. Change Over Time:
            1. Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes.
              1. Computers have changed throughout time this occurs because they improve older versions by adding better equipment to it and changing how it functions.
                1. Species change over time by adapting to the environment and natural selection to change for a cause.
            2. Chemistry
              1. 8.D.3. Chemical Reactions:
                1. Provide evidence to support the fact that common substances have the ability to change into new substances.
                  1. Common substances have the ability to change into new substances for example they can mold metal into a leg for a chair.
                    1. It goes the same way for computers, to create computers we use many different resources to create different parts of the computers.
                2. Physics
                  1. 8.A.4. Energy Transformation:
                    1. Recognize and explain that energy can neither be created or destroyed; rather it changes form or is transferred through the action of forces.
                      1. Computers conduct electrical energy that cannot be created or destroyed, the fan helps cool down the heat that is there.
                        1. As matter cannot be created nor destroyed it can change form and have other actions.
                    2. Thermodynamics
                      1. 8.B.2. Heat Transformations:
                        1. Identify and explain that heat energy is a product of the conversion of one form of energy to another.
                          1. Heat can be changed into electrical energy to and solar, this helps with our natural energy and it gives us other options of energy.
                            1. The electrical energy being used conducts electricity that helps the computer function.
                              1. With computers is the same way, the fan helps cool down the heat the computer is giving off to make it work.
                          2. Environmental Science
                            1. 8.B.1. Environmental Impact:
                              1. Recognize and explain how human activities can accelerate or magnify many naturally occurring changes.
                                1. For computers it is the same way, computers evolve over time, making it better and if you notice smaller.
                                  1. It wasn’t like in the old days when we had a whole room for a computer.
                                    1. Human can change the ecosystem and change the future all the tools and inventions created give us a new way of life that accelerates changing.
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