Acting & the Science Connection

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Acting and Science Connection

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Acting & the Science Connection
  1. Earth Science
    1. 8.B.2 Evidence of Change
      1. Recognize and explain that fossils found in layers of sedimentary rock provide evidence of changing life forms.
        1. Fossils show how animals from that certain time period can be linked to animals that we have now and from those we can see the differences which show how they changed and adapted.
          1. By looking at movies/films you can see that they developed better, you can see how they went from black and white and resolution got better over time.
      2. Astronomy
        1. 8.D.3 Effects of Tilt
          1. Recognize and explain the effects of the tilt of the Earth's axis
            1. The tilt of the Earth’s axis gives us the four different seasons.
              1. Acting is one of the world’s most common form entertainment
          2. Biology
            1. A.D.1 Change Over Time
              1. Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes
                1. Over time the Earth changed so the animals and organisms that lived there had to evolve to survive. The animals had to evolve to survive in the climate.
                  1. Actors of different race and background were able to perform in films and shoes now with diversity.
              2. Chemistry
                1. 8.C.1 Heat and State of Matter
                  1. Describe how the motion of atoms and molecules in solids, liquids, and gases changes as heat energy is increased or decreased
                    1. The motion of atoms in and molecules vibrate faster when heat is increased and slower when heat is decreased. In liquids it expands when heated and when cooled it contracts. in gases it is the same way as liquids.
                      1. More advertising promotes the movie and actors to make more publicity.Less advertizing is less publicity.
                  2. Physics
                    1. 8.A.1 Motion
                      1. Develop an explanation of motion using the relationships among time, distance, velocity, and acceleration
                        1. In motion the distance divided by time will give you the velocity. When accelerating there will be shorter time to get a certain distance.
                          1. Some actors need to learn to dance and do certain tricks to play a certain role. Actors also need to get in feature films and commercials to further their acting careers and over time become a star.
                      2. Thermodynamics
                        1. 8.B.2 Heat Transformations
                          1. Identify and explain that heat energy is a product of the conversion of one form of energy to another
                            1. When heat is produced by the conversion of one form of energy to another it is by convection, conduction, or radiation.
                              1. When actors eat , their body breaks down the food to glucose and gives the person energy to complete the task in order to do their job.
                          2. Environmental Issues
                            1. 8.B.1 Environmental Issues
                              1. Recognize and explain how human activities can accelerate or magnify naturally occurring changes.
                                1. Human activities accelerate or magnify naturally occurring changes to benefit or hinder them based on the action or activity
                                  1. When a movie is created and viewed by many peope, people will focus more on that topic. The movie the fault in our stars made people more aware of cancer in general and its effects on others.
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