branches and science connection

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branches and science connection
    1. Explain how sedimentary rock is formed (embedding plant and animal remains and leaving a record of the sequence in which plants and animals disappeared)
      1. acting have evolved over years like animals
      1. Recognize and explain the effects of the tilt of the Earth’s axis.
        1. the more steady you are on your toes the balance you will be tilting
      2. BIOLOGY
        1. Recognize and describe that evolutionary change in species over time occurs as a result of genetic variation in organisms and environmental changes.
          1. acting had become better changing over time acting in longer plays and movies.
        2. cHEMISTRY
          1. Describe how the motion of atoms and molecules in solids, liquids, and gases changes as heat energy is increased or decreased.
            1. the faster you go the faster you get down the slower you go the longer it will take.
          2. PHYSICS
            1. PHYSICS
              1. : Develop an explanation of motion using the relationships among time, distance, velocity and acceleration.
                1. your motion affect your steps and speed
            2. THERMODYNAMICS
              1. Identify and explain that heat energy is a product of the conversion of one form of energy to another.
                1. your actions goes on to the other person for their part.
              2. ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE
                1. Recognize and explain how human activities can accelerate or magnify many naturally occurring changes
                  1. your activities goes on in the play and affect the other person part.
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