Criminal Behavior

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Criminal Behavior Mind Map

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Criminal Behavior
  1. Delinquency- behavior that is illegal, immoral or deviant with respect to societal values.
    1. Crime- An action or omission that constitutes an offence that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.
      1. Crime Rates- usually obtained from official sources, categorize crimes by type and offender characteristics, such as age, gender, race and location.
      2. Recidivism- future criminal offences following a previous offence and defined through new arrests, charges and convictions.
        1. Risk Factor- a persons psychology, development or family history that may increase the likihood that they will perform a crime.
          1. Examples: lower class, poor parenting, family issues, bad temperament, etc.
          2. "Cycle of violence Hypothesis"- abused children will become abusers and victims of violence will become violent offenders.
            1. Factors about an individual that may lead to crime: hyperactivity, ADHD, impulsivity, learning disabilities, fetal alcohol syndrome, low IQ, hormonal imbalances, antisocial personality disorder, psychopathology and biochemical imbalances.
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