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  1. Project management plan
    1. Contains the scope management plan and the scope baseline.
      1. Specifies how formal acceptance of the completed project deliverables will be obtained.
        1. Includes the approved version of a scope statement + WBS
      2. Requirements documentation
        1. All requirements along the project with their acceptance criteria.
        2. Requirements traceability matrix
          1. Links requirements to their origin and tracks them throughout the project life cycle.
          2. Verified deliverables
            1. Project deliverables that are completed and checked
            2. Inspection
              1. Group decision-Making techniques
                1. Accepted deliverables
                  1. Deliverables that meet the acceptance criteria are formally signed off and approved by the customer or sponsor.
                  2. Change requests
                    1. The completed deliverables that have not been formally accepted along with the reasons
                    2. Work Performance Information
                      1. Project progress, which deliverables have started, their progress, which have finished, or which have been accepted.
                        1. Info goes to stakeholders.
                      2. Project documents updates
                        1. Project management plan /WBS /Project scope statement
                          1. Lesson lerned / PMIS
                        2. Is not about the VALIDITY & APPROPIATENESS of the SCOPE
                          1. All about the ACTIVITIES involved in orther to gain formal acceptance of DELIVERABLES along project monitoring & control.
                            1. QA
                              1. Work Performance data
                                1. Degree of compliance with requirements/ # & severity nonconformities / validation cycles performed in a period
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