Attending a sudden death

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Attending a sudden death
  1. Check for signs of life
    1. Alive - resus, call ambo
      1. Dead- call their Dr (or another if theirs unavailable)
        1. Dr to cert life extinct although qualified paramedic may also do it
          1. Dead persons cert to be completed before body moved
            1. If deceased under care of Dr before death for illness which caused death, Dr generally issue Medical Cert of cause of death
              1. If matter to be referred to coroner only Dr can give Dr's cert for death (not cause)
                1. If Cause of death certificate issued, coroner doesn't need to be informed of death
                  1. Advise immediate family and ensure deceased's property secure
            2. Inform supervisor early opportunity
              1. If suspicious, call CIB and supervisor. Freeze,guard etc
                1. If not suspicious start investigation into cause of death
                  1. Determine if the death is one that must be reported to the coroner if so, don't move body
                    1. Complete the deceased person notification NIA stops licensing data etc being used
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