Crow Country chapter 1-10

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Crow Country chapter 1-10
  1. Chapter 1-5
    1. Qs:2
      1. Sadie is a modern girl who just wants to stay in the city(melbourne). she is very queit
      2. Qs:3
        1. walter and he was an aboriginal
        2. Qs:4
          1. the creek and how it is spiritual ground
          2. Qs:1
            1. it is based on modern time victoria in boort
            2. Qs:5
              1. the crow speaking to sadie and telling her that this is aboriginal land
              2. Qs:6
                1. spiritual and modern because it is based in modern Victoria where we don't really appreciate the aboriginals for looking after the land because without them we would have not of allowed immogrates
                2. Qs:7
                  1. racism and how people just treat black people as non equals
                3. chapter 1-10
                  1. Qs:1
                    1. it is based in modern time Victoria in boort at the pub or at sadies house because when ellie pulls out her phone
                    2. Qs:5
                      1. when sadie goes back in time and realizes that in the first world war an aboriginal named jimmy saved john hazzards life, and because of that john brings out the best china and no one else would for an aboriginal
                      2. Qs:3
                        1. david and walter are aboriginals and they are not socially accepted by everyone else besides sadie and ellie
                        2. Qs:4
                          1. David and walter believe aboriginal spiritual stuuf like the creek and the stones and sadie respects that because of the crow
                          2. Qs:2
                            1. sadie is a girl who wants to make friends and when she does with an aboriginal no one likes her because of that
                            2. Qs:6
                              1. that when walter tells lachie that he bashed up a policeman, that just shows that he doesn't like not being treated like a none person
                              2. Qs:7
                                1. most of the time we think of aboriginals as not socially accepted and if someone else doesn't like someone aboriginal we tend to do what they did
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