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Map of Australia

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  1. is in the southern hemisphere
    1. is the biggest island in the world
      1. The most of people live in the south- east corner of the country.
        1. Sydney
          1. Canberra
            1. The capital city of the country, is halfway between Sydney and Melbourne.
            2. Melbourne
            3. Nature
              1. thick rainforests
                1. deserts
                  1. beautiful beaches
                  2. National parks cover a big part of Australia.
                    1. rare animals
                      1. koalas
                        1. kangaroos
                          1. wombats
                            1. quokkas
                              1. crocodiles
                              2. birds
                              3. A huge part of Australia ia a desert. It is called the outback.
                                1. Australian aborigines
                                  1. didgeridoo
                                    1. boomerang
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