Dracula Quotes

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Dracula Quotes
1 general
1.1 'all things evil have full sway'
1.2 “i greatly fear the she is of too sensitive a nature to go through the world without trouble”
1.3 “remember, that knowledge is stronger than memory”
1.4 “it is well we have no sceptic here, or he would say that you were working some spell to keep out an evil spirit”
1.5 “in this chess game which we play for the sake of human souls”
2 Dracula
2.1 “long and black, bending over the half reclining white figure” “ white face and red, gleaming eyes"
2.2 “a tall, thin chap … he had a ‘ard, cold look and red eyes”
2.3 “tall, thin man...black moustache...his face was hard, and sensual...lips were so red”
2.4 ‘by her side stood a tall, thin man, clad in black’ ‘his right hand gripped her by the back of the neck, forcing her face down into his bosom’
2.5 ‘so panther like’ ‘so unhuman’
2.6 ‘in the face a look of peace, such as i never could have imagined might have rested there’
3 Lucy
3.1 “paler than is her wont, and there is a drawn, haggard look under her eyes which i do not like”
3.2 “some sort of shadowy pall seems to be coming over our happiness”
3.3 “the beautiful colour became livid, the eyes seems to throw out sparks of hell-fire”
4 Harker
4.1 “my ideas of the trust between husband and wife; there should be no secret, no concealment”
5 Helsing
5.1 “advanced scientist of his day”
6 blood rerference
6.1 “she wants blood, she must have it or die
6.2 ‘glittering pool of blood’
6.3 ‘the blood surging through my temples sounded like blows from a hammer’
6.4 people’ ‘i like them with lots of blood in them, and her had all seemed to have run out’
7 death reference
7.1 “alone with the dead”
8 Mina
8.1 “there are darknesses in life, and there are lights, you are one of those lights”
8.2 “one ought to pity any thing so hunted as is the count”
8.3 “mina was looking tired and pale” “far from well” “little too pale”
8.4 ‘Euthanasia is an excellent and a comforting word!’
8.5 ‘once more out teacher’ ‘her eyes have seen where we were blinded’
9 Pathetic Fallacy
9.1 “the air stagnant and foul” “stench of corruption”
9.2 “alive with rats” “looked like a bank of earth set with fireflies”
9.3 “with their going it seemed as if some evil presence had departed”
9.4 “it began to dawn upon me that the air was heavy” “seemed to shine on me through fog like two red eyes”
9.5 ‘the sun rises today on no more miserable house in all the great round of its daily course’

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