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China case study
1 Dongtan will be self-sufficient in energy and water and will generate almost no carbon emissions.
2 Dongtan the eco-city on the eco-friendly island of Chonming
2.1 only 1/5 of Dongtan's 86km2 area is to be urbanised
3 Petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned in favour of solar powered boats and fuel cell driven buses
3.1 Dongtan is surrounded by water. Eco cities are tourist attractions so generate business as well as being sustainable
3.1.1 Visitors will be encouraged to park their cars outside the city and use public transport. No petrol or diesel vehicles will be allowed in the city.
4 The developers of Dongtan hope that it will be seen as a model for the rest of the world, Ken Livingstone has already been inspired (London's Mayor)
4.1 Dongtan will be compact making it easy to cycle or walk around.
4.1.1 Governments providing buses as part of a scheme to have 1000 fuel cell vehicles in the city by 2010 and 10,000 by 2012
5 They plan to re-house people on reclaimed wetlands where paddy fields, crab ponds and vegetable plots once were (eventually 100,000's on people)
5.1 In 2005, the central government put the wetland under state protection.
5.1.1 Dongtan's planner's say they will not only preserve the mudflats but also create a wildlife park, 4km's wide as a buffer along the wetland's edge.
6 Taiwan- China's largest island, hopes to turn some of its farm land into forest and to make all agriculture organic. Home to 650,000
6.1 Chongming hopes to attract low-polluting, high-tech industries and much of its economy will be generated by green tourism
6.2 Chongming's forests are all planted because there is no natural woodland, this will provide open spaces
7 Intelligent architects from countries other than China are pooling ideas to build the most sustainable and eco-friendly buildings
8 The plan for Dongtan is for a city made up of 3 villages. The first phase due to be complete by 2010 will accomodate 25,000 people
8.1 The city will combine element of traditional Chinese design with the latest green technologies using wind turbines and bio-fuels- agricultural waste
8.1.1 There will be no landfill, human sewerage will be processed and used in irrigation. Food will be produced without using chemicals and "green building" technologies will reduce the amount of energy to heat and cool buildings by 70%
9 A new express way is being built, a 9km tunnel and several bridges have been built so that Chongming will no longer be remote.

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