Performance Management process

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Performance Management process
  1. Private 2-way conversation, point out shortcomings in conduct/performance and encourage comment and improvement. Constructive criticism - find ways to improve. Allowed support person
    1. LISTEN to employee view of issue. May be no problem afterall
      1. Be careful informal discussion doesn't become formal disciplinary action as may unintentionally deny employee rights (eg representation)
        1. Where possible, reach agreement on way forward (including times)
          1. Send employee letter (record of discussion)
            1. Follow up meeting to assess progress
              1. Consider wellness service referral appropriate
                1. If no improvement, discuss with HRM if a more formal meeting is appropriate
                  1. Performance Meeting
                    1. Before meeting
                      1. ID min standards of performance and how employee short of standards (focus discussion on this)
                        1. Invite employee to performance meeting by letter
                          1. Set up performance mgt file
                            1. Discuss with HRM consider performance options
                              1. Prepare checklist of items
                                1. If organisational support necessary obtain details
                                2. During the meeting
                                  1. Intro (reason for meeting and agenda)
                                    1. Provide info of failure to perform (examples/documents)
                                      1. Provide opportunity to respond and clarify issues
                                        1. Problem solve if PIP reqd
                                          1. Records of meeting kept (copy to all)
                                          2. Performance Improvement Plan to include
                                            1. Specific performances and specificed aim
                                              1. Min accept standard relation to job, C/Conduct, etc
                                                1. Remedial steps reqd and times
                                                  1. Support and resources available (target date)
                                                    1. Feedback system
                                                      1. Review periods (who and how often) and specify measures
                                                        1. Proposed meeting dates
                                                          1. Start date for PIP
                                                            1. Consequences of not meeting standards
                                                              1. Dated and signed by both parties
                                                              2. Completion of PIP
                                                                1. Performance evaulated
                                                                  1. If meets standards, PIP discontinued and end date recorded and letter sent recording end
                                                                    1. If fails, PIP may be reviewed. Possible for disciplinary process/meeting HRM must be involved
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