A451 Topic 1: Fundamentals of a Computer System

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A451 Topic 1: Fundamentals of a Computer System
  1. Lesson 1
    1. What is a computer system?
      1. Integrated collection of computer parts
        1. Work together for a common purpose
        2. Able to work together with other computer systems
          1. Many subsystems in a single device
            1. The way they communicate is called 'Interconnections'
          2. System boundary
            1. Separates the system from what it's not
              1. This is done while processing
            2. Systems can also be natural
              1. Based on processing data
                1. Producing information and outputs
                2. Fast and reliable
                  1. Programmable
                  2. Devices
                    1. Input
                      1. Keyboard
                        1. Mouse
                          1. Allow the user to input information into the computer
                            1. Stored in binary form
                            2. Processes
                              1. The operation before the required result
                                1. Calculations on numbers
                              2. Output
                                1. Result of the computers processing shown
                                2. Types of computer systems
                                  1. Dedicated System
                                    1. This type of system has a dedicated purpose
                                      1. Found in most electronic devices
                                        1. Written for a particular purpose
                                      2. General purpose system
                                        1. This supports most types of software applications
                                          1. Kernel
                                            1. Lowest level of the OS
                                              1. Contains the hardware of the OS
                                            2. Embedded system
                                              1. Part of a larger system
                                                1. Can be used to control other systems
                                                  1. Car ABS
                                                2. Control System
                                                  1. Controls Machinary
                                                    1. Don't produce an output for humans to read or respond to
                                                    2. Expert System
                                                      1. Act like humans
                                                        1. They have three parts
                                                          1. Knowledge Base
                                                            1. Database of results and outcomes
                                                            2. Inference Engine
                                                              1. This judges the knowledge base
                                                              2. Interface
                                                                1. Allowing humans to access the system
                                                            3. Management Information system
                                                              1. Brings together all data of an organisation
                                                                1. Covers technology, people and data
                                                                  1. Decision supporting systems is an example
                                                                  2. Allows managers to make sensible decisions
                                                                2. Reliability
                                                                  1. Many people around the world rely on computer systems day by day
                                                                    1. If the system is not reliable data could be lost or stolen
                                                                      1. Many IT systems as people don't know how to use them
                                                                        1. Billions of pounds can be put into a system and it not operate properly
                                                                        2. Testing
                                                                        3. Lesson 2
                                                                          1. Reliability
                                                                            1. AVAIL
                                                                              1. MTTF
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