Multiculturalism has failed?


A mind-map on whether multiculturalism has failed or not.
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Multiculturalism has failed?
  1. Yes - David Cameron in 2011 said "State multiculturalism has failed", arguing it has led to Islamic radicalisation.
    1. In the same speech he argued that the UK needed a stronger national identity. He says young Muslims feel "rootless", and that multiculturalism has led to segregation. To solve the problem the UK need's "a clear sense of shared national identity".
      1. The Ritchie Report said the main cause of the Oldham riots in 2001 blamed deep-rooted segregation as the main cause of the violence.
        1. HOWEVER the USA is a very nationalistic country, that has assimilated, or 'americanized', immigrants coming into the country. America is far from harmonious.
          1. Black people accounted for 31% of police shooting victims in 2012, yet they count for only 13% of the population.
            1. In July 2014, Eric Garner, an African-American, died when he was falsely accused of selling 'loosies' (single cigarettes) and put an illegal choke-hold for 15 seconds by an NYPD officer, despite calling out that he couldn't breathe. This triggered race riots across New York.
          2. Muslim Labour MP Khalid Mahmoood says as many as 2,000 Britons have fled to Syria by ISIL.
          3. Yes - the Rotherham Child Abuse scandal 2014.
            1. 1,400 children were sexually exploited and physically abused. These children, in the words of Conservative MEP James Hannan, were "a victim of anti-racism". Police did not act because of "cultural sensitivity" and they didn't want to "rock the multicultural community boat" (Labour MP Denish McShane, MP for Rotheram from 1994 to 2012)
              1. In a society that is very diverse it is easy to be labelled racist.
                1. Trevor Phillips, former Chairman of the ECHR, agrees, saying the "racket" of multiculturalism which took root under Blair, has damaged the effectiveness of the police. He blames the silence on the racial issues led to the police's failure to take action during the Rotheram Child Abuse scandal.
                2. HOWEVER it is worth noting that in the past few years historic sexual abuse scandals have emerged resulting in the imprisonment of notable people such as Rolf Harris and political parties have been dirtied by cover ups.
                  1. This shows that such scandals like the Rotheram Child Abuse scandal have been happening for years, and predate the begginings of multiculturalism.
                3. One argument is multiculturalism has failed, but can be salvaged.
                  1. Following the 2001 riots, a youth charity set up in Oldham called Peacemaker. It was hailed by the Home Office for bringing white and Asian Youths together. HOWEVER in 2011 it was shut down due to funding.
                    1. Also in Oldham, the predominantly Asian Breeze Hill School merged with the predominantly white Count Hill School forming Waterhead Academy. This is an example of 'forced integration' in an attempt to quell racial tension between the Oldham youth.
                      1. Had success: At 2013 Waterhead Academy 63% of pupils gained 5 A*-C's in their 2013 GCSE's.
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