building a swamp cooler

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building a swamp cooler
  1. how to have the bucket not leak or have constantion
    1. you can insluate the outside or thee inside
    2. how to make a frame of a cooler
      1. use a 5 gallon bucket
      2. how to make the air cool that comes out of the cooler
        1. the ice makes the air cooler
        2. how to make the air blow out
          1. you put a fan on top and tape it on the lid
          2. how to make the vents
            1. get a 5 ft long pbc pipe and cut 3 or 4 6 in peices out
            2. how to cut the the holes out of the frame so the vents will fit
              1. you cut the holes out buy using a hole saw the is the right size of ou pbc pipe
              2. how to inslate the bucket so it says cool
                1. you can put a insluate rap inside of it
                2. will dry ice be better than ice water and salt
                  1. how to put the fan in the hole without letting air get out
                    1. cut a hole out of the top at the size of the fan bland
                    2. how to make the air say at a constant temputure
                      1. you make it stay at a constant temp buy adding the same amount of ice and water every time
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