RS: Our World Revision

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Revision help for Our World for the short course in WJEC GCSE.

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RS: Our World Revision
1 Key Words
1.1 Creation
1.1.1 The way in which something is uniquely made. The World
1.2 Dominion
1.2.1 Being in charge and having power over something The Prime Minister
1.3 Environment
1.3.1 The surrounding of the place in which human beings live Your home
1.4 Humanity
1.4.1 All of the people who live on earth. Showing love to others is showing humidity
1.5 Soul
1.5.1 The part of a human which is expected to live on after death. Heaven and hell
1.6 Stewardship
1.6.1 The responsibility God gave to care for the world we were given. Recycling
2 Separating humans from animals
2.1 We are capable of religious behaviour
2.1.1 Hence prayer
2.2 We were created in the image of God apparently
2.2.1 We were created special and unique.
2.3 We have a conscience
2.3.1 We can tell what's right and wrong
2.4 We have a soul
2.4.1 The part of that lives on after we die.
3 Why are we here?
3.1 To have sex and make children
3.2 We have to take responsibility for the world.
3.3 We have to make use of our talents
3.4 Use our talents to take care of others.
4 Using our talents
4.1 God gives us all of our talents.
4.2 It's out duty to make the most of out talents by trying to improve the world and make it a better place.
5 Stewardship
5.1 Christians believe they should take care of the world.
5.2 They believe we were given the dominion over animal and the environment and as a result we have a responsibility and a duty to take care of each to her.
5.3 They believe that we will be judged on judgement day for how much of a positive influence we have had on the world.
5.4 Christians believe believe that the world belongs to God.
5.5 God made the world for us to look after it.
6 Animals
6.1 Immoral use of animals
6.1.1 Hunting as a sport
6.1.2 Racing
6.1.3 Fighting
6.1.4 illing for fur
6.1.5 Cramped living conditions
6.1.6 Animal testing
7 Environmental Issues
7.1 Deforestation
7.2 Destroying of natural habitats
7.3 Global warming
7.4 Using up natural resources
7.5 Extinction
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