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This is my ideas for a horror trailer

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  1. Virus
    1. A computer virus ends up affecting humans and kills them straight away. The virus can come through all forms of technology.
    2. Serial killer
      1. A child joins a satanic group and starts to kill off other children at a school.
        1. Children camp in the woods on a school trip and they find a friend. The friend turns out to be dead and the dead child knows stuff about them and kills them.
          1. A washed up clown gets back on those that mock him in the streets. Uses social network sites to find the victims and tries to 'befriend' them
          2. Deamons
            1. Inner fears come out as a double ganger and uses the fear to kill you. he come out through the mirror.
              1. Statues come alive. They try to kill those that they come in contact with.
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