modal verbs (N.E) smrt

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modal verbs (N.E) smrt
1 should
1.1 advice
1.1.1 You should study a lot for your examen
2 would like
2.1 to say politely what we want
2.1.1 Would you like to listen to that again?
2.1.2 I would like to get a return ticket for tomorrow
3 can
3.1 use to denote ability
3.1.1 informal setting I can swim
4 want
4.1 to talk about wishes
4.1.1 What do you want for dinner tonigth?
4.2 to talk about needs
4.2.1 The kitchen wants painting
5 must
5.1 personal obligation
5.1.1 you must wear a crash helmet when cycling
5.2 prohibition
5.2.1 You mustn't park here
6 could
6.1 polite request
6.1.1 could you pass me the sugar
6.2 ability (past)
6.2.1 could he swim when he was 5 years old?
7 may
7.1 use to denote permission
7.1.1 formal setting May I use the bathroom?
7.1.2 probability
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