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Elizabeth W
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1 Identity
1.1 Loss of identity
1.1.1 The Clown Punk Everyone knows him as the Clown Punk Don't know him by his real name
1.1.2 Case history: Alison (Head Injury)
1.2 Changes in indentity
1.2.1 Les Grands Seignuers The order of control changes She was in charge of men She was the stronger identity Men are now in charge of her She is the weaker identity
1.2.2 Singh Song Gives up his identity Wants to be with his wife Is creating a new one
1.3 New identity
1.3.1 Checking out me History Is learning about his identity His culture and past
2 Power
2.1 Is powerful
2.1.1 The River God Power to kill and control
2.1.2 Medusa The power to control Can turn animals to stone
2.1.3 Ozymandias Is a king A Ruler Has the power to control everyone
2.2 Lack of power
2.2.1 Give Needs to beg to survive For food, money etc.
2.2.2 Hunchback in the Park Doesn't have power over anyone Or over his own life
2.3 Changes in power
2.3.1 The Horse Whisperer Has power at the end No power at the beginning
3 Pride
3.1 Lots of pride
3.1.1 The river god Is proud of his ability to kill people Has become arrogant He knows he is powerful
3.1.2 The Clown Punk Is arrogant Doesn't care about other people
3.1.3 Checking out me history Has pride in his country Wants to find out about his country Proud of origins
3.2 Lack of pride
3.2.1 Give Doesn't have pride in his life Won't help himself Assumes others will help him If people did help him he could gain some pride
3.2.2 The hunchback in the park Isn't proud of what he looks like Needs help Sleeps in a dog kennel
3.2.3 The Clown Punk Doesn't take pride in his appearance
4 Relationships
4.1 Brendon Gallacher
4.1.1 Friendship between him and her Imaginary friend
4.2 My last Duchess
4.2.1 Stopped believing in their relationship
4.3 Singh Song
4.3.1 New relationship Takes over his life Stops working at the shop
4.4 Medusa
4.4.1 Break down of relationship Man stops loving her
4.5 Les Grands Seignuers
4.5.1 Relationships turn against her
5 Death, Damage and Decay
5.1 Death
5.1.1 Brendon Gallacher Imaginary friend Stops believing in him Is like he has died
5.2 Damage
5.2.1 On a portrait of a death man Can't hear - is physically damaged
5.2.2 Case History: Alison Head Injury In a car accident Damaged her brain Can't remember anything
5.2.3 The ruined maid Has a damaged reputation in society Is a Prostitute
5.3 Decay
5.3.1 Ozymandias The statue is no longer there The story of Ozymandias has decayed

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