Nero Roman Empire

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Nero Roman Empire
  1. Nero was born December 37AD
    1. He died 68AD
      1. Assisted Suicide
      2. Nero was born in Antium near Rome
        1. Nero's birth name is, Imperator Nero Cladius Divi Claudius Filius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
          1. Nero parents are Agrippina the Younger, Gnaeus Ahenobarbus.
        2. Nero built many theaters and participated in acating and sining parts
          1. Whilst the "Great fire of Rome" in 64 AD Nero didn't do any thing to help victuims
            1. .Nero hated Christians so they got the blame for the fire the Christians were all killed
              1. The fire actually started in a very poor slum called Subura
              2. At the time of the fire Nero was out of town he was at his vacation house in the country he came back as soon as he heard about the fire he came back to Rome
                1. People say that Nero fiddled away whilst Rome burnt
              3. Nero was adopted by his grand-uncle Claudius.
                1. Claudius already had 2 sons
                  1. One of Claudius sons died
                    1. Claudius preferred Nero over his other son Britiannicus.So Nero became Claudius heir
                  2. Nero had one child Claudia Augustus
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