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Minerals Flow Chart

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  1. Sodium (Na+)
    1. Electrolyte and membrane potential
      1. Asians higher in Na+ diet intake vs Americans
      2. Iodine
        1. Deficiency causes Cretinism, Myxedema & Goiter
          1. Hypothyroidism Deficiencyin iodine (produces inactive thyroxin) HASHIMOTO'S HYPOTHYRODITIS (autoimmune destruction of thyroxine-producing cells) Feedback to TSH secretion causes the Thyroid to grow.
            1. Myxedema - Over weight body, Puffy facial tissues
            2. Hyperthyroidism Pituitary tumor (produces excess TSH) or GRAVES DISEASE (cross-reacting autoimmune antibodies bind TSH receptor & stimulate Thyroid).
              1. Myxedema - Localized Edema, especially preTibial
          2. Potassium (K+)
            1. Diabetics need electrolytes due to Insulin lowering K+ levels
            2. Magnesium (Mg++)
              1. Low levels causes tremors, numbness & irregular heartbeat
              2. Calcium (Ca++)
                1. Americans Ca+ intake lower than Asians
                  1. Regulate secretion, Blood clotting, muscle contraction and enzyme co-factor
                    1. Ca+ Remains constant due to hormonal regulation properties cant be be used to determined Ca levels
                      1. Calcitonin inhibits Ca+ absorption
                        1. Phytates in grains reduce Ca+ absorption, balance it out with Sardines, Bone broth & Fortified Drinks
                          1. Ca+ intake is typically low in American diets and Fast foods provide excess Phosphorus
                          2. Phosphorus
                            1. Americans Phosphorus intake higher than Asians
                              1. Blood Buffer, Bone mineral, Biomolecule component
                              2. Iron
                                1. Supplementation in rare Iron deficiency Anemia
                                2. Sulfur
                                  1. Conformational folding of a protein
                                  2. Zinc
                                    1. Wound healing (Collagen Syn)
                                      1. Deficiency in middle eastern diets due to diets high in GRAIN (phytate) having fiber bind to ZINC
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