Main Components of Blood

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Main Components of Blood
  1. Red Blood Cell
    1. structures
      1. no nucleus
        1. can store more haemoglobin to bind to and transport more oxygen for a faster rate of transporting
        2. biconcave or disc-like shape
          1. increases the surface area to volume ratio of the cell which enables the cell to take in and release oxygen at a faster rate.
          2. elastic & flexible
            1. so as to enable the cell to assume a bellshape to squeeze through the lumen narrow capillaries.
          3. produced by bone marrow
            1. function
              1. to transport oxygen to respiring cells (oxygen deficient)
              2. lifespan of 3-4 months
                1. destroyed in the spleen
                  1. haemoglobin that is released is sent to the liver and broken down
                2. Plasma
                  1. pale yellowish liquid
                    1. about 90% is water
                      1. 10% : complex mixture of dissloved substances
                        1. soluble proteins
                          1. food substances
                            1. excretory products
                              1. hormones
                                1. dissolved mineral salts
                              2. White Blood Cell
                                1. two types of white blood cells
                                  1. lymphocytes
                                    1. features
                                      1. large rounded nucleus
                                        1. non-granular cytoplasm
                                          1. tend to be nearly round inshape
                                            1. show limited movements
                                            2. function
                                              1. produce antibodies
                                                1. protect body from disease-causing microorganisms
                                            3. phagocytes
                                              1. features
                                                1. lobed nucleus
                                                  1. granular cytoplasm
                                                  2. fiunction
                                                    1. can ingest - take in & digest foreign particles (bacteria)
                                                2. structure
                                                  1. colourless & does not contain haemoglobin
                                                    1. irregular in shape & contians a nucleus
                                                      1. can move, change its shape and squeeze through the walls of the thinnest blood capillaries into spaces among tissue cells
                                                    2. Platelets
                                                      1. not true cells
                                                        1. membrane-bound fragment or cytoplasm from certain bone marrow cells
                                                          1. function
                                                            1. play a part in the clotting of blood
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