Initial Ideas - Indie Music Video

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Initial Ideas - Indie Music Video
1 Setting
1.1 Nature
1.1.1 Forests
1.1.2 Water
1.1.3 Sky
1.1.4 Flowers
1.2 Run-down Areas
1.2.1 Broken things
1.2.2 Dark colours
1.2.3 Danger
1.2.4 No nature
1.3 Teenage Places
1.3.1 Skate Parks
1.3.2 Music Stores
1.3.3 Clothing Stores
1.3.4 Bedroom
1.3.5 School
2 Characters
2.1 Female
2.1.1 Age of target audience
2.1.2 Typical Female Indie Look
2.1.3 Indie Personality
2.2 Male
2.2.1 Age of target audience Typical male Indie Look Indie Personality
2.3 These both could be similar to show that indie music connects people who are similar, however, it may also be effective to have them be different - as indie is a wide genre for someone to fit into
3 Props
3.1 We want to use very typical props, as we feel the indie audience will be able to relate to this better
3.1.1 Guitars Acoustic or electric
3.1.2 Vinyls
3.1.3 Alcohol
3.1.4 Smoking
3.1.5 Cameras
3.1.6 Phones
3.1.7 Music
3.1.8 Personal Possessions
4 Clothing
4.1 Female
4.1.1 Due to postmoderism, we wanted to include an element from another genre- which we are thinking 70s or 80s
4.1.2 Dress, adds a sense of feminism too whilst being popular in those eras
4.1.3 Signature piece Jewellery Object of meaning
5 Performance
5.1 Very indie personality, specifically from an era
5.1.1 Free
5.1.2 Calm
5.1.3 Happy
5.1.4 However, like Lewis Watson and Kodaline's music videos, we could do the opposite Angry Physical violence Revengeful
6 Narrative
6.1 Indie music tend to be very deep with a serious or personal message behind
6.1.1 Therefore, instead of doing a music video with editing on the beat or other conventions - which are highly seen in pop, we decided to create a narrative that may be personal to people Death
6.1.2 So, by having lyrics that are generally deep, we can keep with this theme during production
6.1.3 Loss of another
6.1.4 Exaggerated Emotions
6.1.5 Harm
7 Camera Work
7.1 Variety of shots
7.2 Equal amount of long shots and close up shots
7.3 Close ups add detail, which will help us include post modernism and strength into the story line
7.4 Long shots allow us to establish a theme and highlight the genre of indie

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