Ann Veronica

Jessica Angrave
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Jessica Angrave
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Ann Veronica
  1. Romance
    1. Forces himself upon her
      1. Angry
        1. Ends up imprisoned for a month
          1. Sobering experience returns her to her family
            1. Tried to comform
              1. Agrees to marry someone she doesnt love
      2. Breaks off engagement
        1. Goes back to her first love
      3. Stern controlling father
        1. She fights for independence
          1. Flees
            1. Studies at a new university
              1. Laboratory demonstrator she loves
                1. Ends up happy and pregnant
                  1. Reconciled with family
        2. Middle Class
          1. Young Woman of 21
            1. Based in London
              1. Youngest of five
                1. Biology student
                  1. Joins the suffragette movement
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