The Outsiders

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The Outsiders
  1. Greasers
    1. Characteristics
      1. Long, greasy hair
        1. Jeans and Tshirts
          1. Idolize Elvis Presley
          2. Characters
            1. Ponyboy
              1. Narrator
                1. Dreamer
                2. Johnny Cade
                  1. Abused
                    1. Shy and quiet
                    2. Dallas Winston
                      1. Juvenile Delinquent
                        1. Protective of Johnny
                    3. Socs
                      1. Characters
                        1. Cherry Valance
                          1. mediator between the greasers and the socs
                          2. Bob Sheldon
                            1. The leader of the Socs
                            2. Randy
                              1. Bob's friend
                            3. Characteristics
                              1. Khakis and madras
                                1. like the Beatles
                                  1. Rich, nice cars
                                2. Symbolism
                                  1. Nothing Gold Can Stay
                                    1. Innocence never lasts
                                      1. Is Ponyboy still green?
                                      2. Eye Colors
                                        1. Author uses eyes to describe Ponyboy's relationships
                                        2. Transportation
                                          1. Soc's cars represent their money and power
                                            1. Greasers walk representing their vulnerability
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