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Animal Farm essay
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1.1 With no enemies he now maintains power by lack of education
1.1.1 Napolean was able to maintain his power with no outbreak because he can change the commandments on the barn house, because lack of education, not many animals were able to understand what i says; The rest weren't able to remember what the old revolutionaary ideas were. Quote - pg 66 chapter 8 - Muriel read the commandment for her. It ran 'No animal shall kill any other animal without cause'. Somehow the last two words had slipped out of the animals memory. This proves that he took advantage of not teaching the animals so he can use their stupidity to make his life great and the other animals worse.
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2.1 In the novel Animal farm, Orwell explores the interesting theme of power and how it can corrupt those who are in possession of it. Though his skilful use of characterisation, Orwell demonstrates in his novel how fear and ignorance are often used by unscrupulous and manipulative characters first of all to gain power and secondly to maintain it. By the end of the novel, the animals’ early optimism of a better world has evaporated leaving them to reflect, somewhat bitterly, “All animals are equal and some are more equal than others”
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3.1 Before to long it is clear that Napolean wants power to himself, and he would get to that power anyway he could
3.1.1 It was clear that Napolean wanted power to himself. As soon as the new puppies were born on the farm, Napolean took them away to train them for his own personal use; To get rid of anyone who gets in his way Quote - enormous dogs came bounding into the barn. They dashed staright for snowball These dogs chased Snowball away from the farm, so he would never return. Napolean change these small puppies into to fierce killing machines.
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4.1 Initially Napolean seems to be following the revolutionary ideas put foward by Old major
4.1.1 When Old major died the work of taking charge in the farm rested on Napolean and Snowball. Quote - The work of organizing the others fell naturally upon the pigs, pre-eminent among the two boars Snowball and Napolean Napolean worked as a team to run the farm to get the trust from all the animals. It looked wanted to work as a team but it soon became clear that he wanted power to himself
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5.1 Once in power he becomes more and more brutal with mass killings
5.1.1 When Napolean was in power he used the dogs to mass kill people to strike fear against the other group. Napolean made some animals "confess' to something they may or may not have done and killed them infront of everyone Quote - And so the tales of confessions and executions went on, until the pile of corpses lying before Napolean's feet. Many if not all of these confessions were untrue because many included snowball but snowball had not been in a long time. Napolean primarily did this to stike fear between all animals on the farm
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6.1 Through the characterisation of Napolean Orwell has shown that he agrees with the famous quote by Bishop Mandell, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". "Animal farm" may be a piece of fiction but recent world events have shown that it is sadly very much a piece of fiction founded on fact: power, it would seem, continues to corrupt many who have it

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