Global Concerns #1

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the first part of the global concerns mindmap from the AQA religeous studies textbook

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Global Concerns #1
  1. Christian Beliefs on the World
    1. Value of God's creation
      1. 'God saw all that he made and it was very good'(Genesis 1:31)
      2. Stewardship and responsability
        1. Stewardship:the belief that people have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of god
          1. To be a good steward you must:
            1. preserve the environment for the younger or soon to be born
              1. share the natural resources of the world fairly among others instead of hoadring them for riches
                1. use resources in a sustainable way and remember that they were made by god
                  1. join groups that also care for the environment
            2. Environmental Problems
              1. Pollution
                1. sources:
                  1. Car exhaust fumes
                    1. Power plants
                      1. factories
                    2. The destruction of natural habiats
                      1. tropical forests are under threat of deforestation
                        1. forests are known as 'lungs of the world'
                          1. trees remove carbon dioxide
                            1. without them, greenhouse gasses with heat the world
                            2. Plants and wildlife destroyed
                              1. landscape ruined
                                1. soil erosion
                                  1. landslides
                                    1. lost for future generations
                                  2. the use and abuse of natural reasources
                                    1. limited supply of natural resources
                                      1. draining away because of our way of life
                                  3. Climate Change
                                    1. long term change in average weather and tempurature
                                      1. Polar ice caps melting
                                        1. water levels rising
                                        2. If continued will end with human Civilisation gone
                                        3. Effects of climate change
                                          1. reduced crop yeilds
                                            1. due to the increased temperatures, deaths between the sick and elderly will increase
                                              1. water shortages, more of a likleyhood of wildfire and flooding
                                                1. poorer part of the world will be hit earlier and harder by the effects of climate change
                                              2. Individual and Community Responses
                                                1. Individual responses
                                                  1. Recycling and reducing unecessary packaging
                                                    1. currently most rubbish either ends up in an incinerator or a landfill site
                                                      1. people can stop using plastic bags, which take a long time to break down
                                                        1. avoid buying products with unnecessary packaging
                                                      2. home energy conservation
                                                        1. loft and wall-cavity insulation reduces energy to heat house
                                                          1. don't leave taps on
                                                            1. don't leave appliances on standby
                                                              1. use energy efficient lightbulbs
                                                            2. Community responses
                                                              1. non polluting forms of transport
                                                                1. many people use cars for traveling less than two miles
                                                                  1. walk or cycle instead
                                                                  2. some environmentalists do not use planes
                                                                    1. they are major carbon emmiters
                                                                      1. unless absolutley necessary
                                                                    2. buy local
                                                                      1. instead of buying food from the other side of the world
                                                                        1. buy from a local producer
                                                                          1. this reduces transport emissions and helps local buisness
                                                                    3. national and international responses
                                                                      1. national responses
                                                                        1. the stern report
                                                                          1. July 2005
                                                                            1. created by lord stern
                                                                              1. an economist
                                                                            2. this report concluded that:
                                                                              1. climate change was real
                                                                                1. and human activity was contributing
                                                                                2. the world should spend 1% of GDP to avoid the worst effects
                                                                                  1. if not then GDP will fall up by 20%
                                                                                    1. causing economic hardship
                                                                              2. UK government politics
                                                                                1. trying to reduce carbon emmissions by:
                                                                                  1. *finding non carbon alternatives
                                                                                    1. *increasing regulations on buildings
                                                                                      1. *supporting the development of new, greener car fuels
                                                                                        1. *encouraging recycling
                                                                                    2. international responses
                                                                                      1. 1992: the earth summit in Rio de Janeiro
                                                                                        1. This United Nations conference tried to help economic development
                                                                                          1. and stop the destruction of natural resources and pollution
                                                                                        2. 1997: kyoto protocol
                                                                                          1. an international framework convention on climate change
                                                                                            1. aims to prevent 5% of greenhouse gasses
                                                                                              1. by 2008, 182 states signed the protocol
                                                                                            2. adopted for use on 11th December 1997
                                                                                              1. came into force in 2005
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