Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay
  1. What it is
    1. is an objective analysis that allows the writer to express his opinion giving strong arguments that support the thesis essay.
      1. the writer usually makes a thesis, then objects to his own arguments.
    2. how to create it
      1. First paragraph: expose the author's argument or thesis.
        1. Second paragraph: define the first argument that supports the author’s thesis.
          1. Third paragraph: second argument that provide more information about the thesis and support it
            1. fourth paragraph: author’s opinion given in strong arguments
              1. fifth paragraph: conclusion.
              2. how to make paragraphs
                1. Writing rules
                  1. You always need to capitalize the first letter of a sentence, also, is imperative that the writer capitalize the pronoun “I”.
                    1. capitalize issues and salutations, this gives to the article, letter or essay a good orthography.
                    2. the author needs to be very carefull with the nouns and the ones that need to be capitalized, for example, remember always to capitalized the name of someone or something, and this means name of cities, pets, etc.
                    3. the first paragraph gives all the arguments that you’re going to develop in the essay.
                      1. The other paragraphs take the statements that you exposed in the first paragraph and develop it among the writing with clear arguments and exposing you opinion.
                        1. the last part of the writing you resume all the arguments in a conclusion that make clear your position.
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