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Mind Map on Ecosystems, created by Rebecca McNally on 10/25/2013.

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Rebecca McNally
Created by Rebecca McNally almost 6 years ago
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IB Biology 5.1 Communities and Ecosystems (SL)
Coral Reefs
1 Temperate deciduous forest
1.1 Epping Forest
1.2 40-60 latitude
1.3 Maritime influence
1.4 Brown earth soil
1.4.1 pH 5
1.4.2 Nutrient rich
1.4.3 good drainage
1.5 bluebells ans snowdrops in spring
1.6 lose leaves due to transpiration
1.7 NET productivity 1,200gm/m2 per year
1.8 Climax vegetation- oak tree
2 Plagioclimax
2.1 Heather moorland
2.1.1 North yorkshire moors
2.1.2 red grouse hunting economic value Local employment
2.1.3 SSSI 110 bird species government must protect global responsibility 75% in britain 90% inNational Parks
2.1.4 Burnt every 15 years fire resistant kill other plants and heather bettle Prevent succession
2.1.5 Acid soil pH 4
3 Ecological conservation area
3.1 Dulwich Upper wood
3.1.1 250 diffrent types of fungi
3.1.2 40 bird species nesting sites,owls
3.1.3 Lords and ladies, wood anemone, bluebells, yellow pimpernal
3.1.4 coppiced areas, wet areas and ponds, herb gardens, foxglove areas
3.1.5 foxes,hedgehogs, bats, butterflies, moths,dormice
3.1.6 Success: entrance fee,preserved species, cheap use of land, but maintance costs
4 Succession
5 Ecologies along routeways
5.1 Roads
5.1.1 London plane tree aesthetic value- flaking bark mess- fruit,berries, leaves, bark pollution tolerant- hairs absorb pollution pests and diesease- ralery affected soil- poor+ salty little space- tolerant to pruning rarly blow over, shed branches little canopy, intercept rain birds, plants beneath
5.1.2 Kestral, scavendure birds
5.1.3 nitrogen rich
5.2 Canals
5.2.1 waterfowl moorhens Kingfisher Ducks
5.2.2 Insects dragonflies Damsleflies
5.2.3 Aquatic plants yellow flag iris
5.3 Railway lines
5.3.1 oxford ragwort
5.3.2 primrsoe and foxglove- light demanding
5.3.3 foxes+badgers
5.3.4 Brambles- nesting site for birds
6 Colonisation of wasteland
7 Rural urban fringe

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