Target Audience Research

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target audience

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Target Audience Research
  1. Indie Scensters
    1. they want to discover the freshest music first that no one else listens to
      1. They have a genuine love and passion for music
        1. They enjoy spreading the love just like Arron
          1. Clothes include vintage style clothing with an American feel to it
          2. Trendies
            1. They are always looking out for the next big thing much like the scensters and Arron could be the next big thing
              1. They try to find new fashion to keep up to date with the mainstream
                1. Arron wears these type of clothes
              2. Townies
                1. they're normal and mainstream and dont really fit into a particular scene
                  1. Like to go with the flow
                    1. they don't want to be too different from the mainstream
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