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Trabajo 604 techinglis

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  1. Skin color
    1. We should not mistreat others by the color of skin is inaseptable
    2. PSYCHOLOGICAL bullying
      1. Intimidate, threaten and manipulate, they are everyday forms of coexistence. Existing arrogance, it can sometimes lead us to use pressure others to get what we want. So in schools this same phenomenon can be replicated and this happens when there is a pressure that makes the victim feel scared by what the other person does. To be considered bullying, it must be constant, against anyone and with intent.(The psychological bullying is abusing another with bad words.)
      2. cyber bullying
        1. It is any harassment that occurs using the Internet, where media such as email, social networks, blogs, instant messaging, text messaging, cell phones are used to harass, intimidate and psychologically assaulting the victim.(Cyberbullying is abuse, threaten etc through social networks)
        2. physical bullying
          1. The physical bullying is the most common, including stocks and conflicts such as fighting, theft, beating, hitting, tripping, or even small actions that may harm the victim who suffers, besides causing pressure, insecurity.(Physical bullying is abusing another without reason)
          2. Bullying escolar
            1. Bullying es una palabra inglesa que significa intimidación. Desgraciadamente, esta palabra está de moda debido a los inumerables casos de persecución y de agresiones que se están detectando en las escuelas y colegios, y que están llevando a muchos escolares a vivir situaciones verdaderamente aterradoras.
            2. emotional bullying
              1. Nuestra emociones más comunes son la rabia el miedo, la depresión ,los celos ,la ansiedad, el resentimiento, la envidia, la vergüenza ,la culpa.
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