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Essay mind map
  1. What is a bed bound patient?
    1. Why might someone become bedbound?
      1. Any special care that nurses should provide?
        1. regular turning
          1. Holistic care
            1. Compassion
            2. Paralysis
              1. Amputation
              2. Unable to leave bed due to condition
              3. Qualities
                1. 6 C's of nursing
                  1. Francis report
                    1. care
                      1. compassion
                        1. courage
                          1. competence
                            1. commitment
                              1. Communication
                            2. Moral Courage
                              1. Patient advocate
                                1. Barriers
                                2. Sufficent patient care
                                  1. Being turned
                                    1. Bed sores
                                    2. Bed Baths
                                      1. Personal hygene
                                        1. Dignity
                                          1. Integrity
                                        2. NMC
                                      2. Holistic Care
                                        1. mind, body, soul and spititual
                                          1. Caring for someone as a whole
                                            1. social isolation
                                              1. Depression
                                                1. Observations
                                                  1. Diet
                                                    1. social skills
                                                  2. triggers
                                                    1. warnings
                                              2. Effective Communication
                                                1. Teach the patient about condition
                                                  1. Help them come to terms with illness
                                                    1. Discuss options
                                                      1. After care
                                                        1. complications/risks
                                                        2. speak to family
                                                          1. Help them accept it
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