Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Corey Thomas
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Corey Thomas
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Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

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Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
  1. The New Generation
    1. Are extremely dependent on technology
      1. Cell phones, tablets, ipads, computer, smart watches
        1. Part of their daily routine
          1. Learn from Peers
            1. Learn from the internet
              1. Learn from technology teachers
                1. Brains think differently than past generation
                  1. Will change the ways teachers will have to start teaching
                    1. Faster paced learning
                      1. Less steps
          2. The past Generation
            1. Do not depend on technology use it occasionally
              1. Same as Digital Natives just not as dependent
                1. Use at work and sometimes leisurely
                  1. Learn from family
                    1. Learn from friends
                      1. Learn from workshops and conferences
                        1. Thinks the same as previous generations
                          1. Teachers from this generation think students learn the same
                            1. More steps
                              1. Longer more detailed learning
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